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Dryer Vent Cleaning | Gutter Cleaning Problems in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

May 24

Gutter Cleaning - Robert Orford of Freeflo Ventilation


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Vancouver and its surrounding cities are in Canada’s top rainiest cities every year. Some days it may be fun, some days it gets depressing. But outside of your personal hate or enjoyment of the temperate weather here, there are many effects the weather brings that can change your mood. Fall, Winter and even Spring seasons come with more rainfall, falling of the leaves and moss growth. All these contribute to the clogging of gutters, which aren’t a rare sight in the city. Let’s talk about gutter cleaning and all the issues associated.

Why gutter cleaning is necessary in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Once Summer is done in Vancouver the elements take over. Specifically the falling of leaves, and an influx of rain. These two factors combined cause drains to overflow, along with debris, peeled paint, and many other factors, gutters easily become clogged in these conditions. Depending on the location of your home, regular gutter cleaning is vital for multiple reasons, some of which are mentioned below.


One of the very obvious issues with clogged gutters is overflow and drainage problems. The purpose of gutters is to direct water away from the home in order to reduce water damage to the home and its surrounding area. Having clogged gutters is the first problem that allows water to spill over the gutters and onto areas of the property that would otherwise be the last places you want continual water flow to be. Thus creating the before mentioned damage to the gutter system and property. (Contact us for a more information)


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Leakage is another problem that comes from wear and tear on the gutters specifically from improper maintenance and continual overflow. Water will always find its way down and constant pressure can create breaks in the physical gutter system and leakage from areas that shouldn’t be leaking. This can lead to leakage into the foundation of the home or basements of the buildings.

Slippery Sidewalks and driveways

The puddles of water created by dysfunctional clogged gutters eventually create puddles on sidewalks, balconies, porches, and driveways that can freeze during colder weather and creates a perfect environment for moss and slime during warmer weather. So watch your step if your gutters aren’t in tip-top shape!

Wood damage

Clogged gutters have debris. Debris causes excessive moisture and overflow. This is something that can easily ruin wood and wooden structures. Constant exposure to moisture can potentially rot the wood and create problems you do not want to deal with. Moisture also encourages the appearance wood-damaging bugs.

Signs that your gutter needs cleaning

Now that we are all aware of the importance of cleaning out gutters, let’s find out how to figure out that it’s time to schedule a cleaning. Visual inspection is your best bet here. Depending on the height of your gutters we don’t suggest you pull out a ladder and climb up yourself. If you’re able to see from different windows in the property do that initially. But sure signs that your gutters are having problems would be sagging of the gutters, leakage from areas where water shouldn’t be leaking, water overflow, nest build up, debris build-up, pools of water and mildew, water damage marks, paint peeling, and cracks and splits of any kind.

If you think your gutter is in need of maintenance or cleaning reach out to us at 604-341-3337 or [email protected]. We offer our gutter cleaning services to Vancouver and all of the Lower Mainland.


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