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How a Title IX Lawyer Can Help Students Defend Their Rights in University Discipline Investigations

May 31

Title IX Lawyer Dekalb help students to defend their rights at university disciplinary investigations. Your attorney can review the investigation and alleged offense to ensure you are afforded all your fundamental defense rights, including access to evidence and witnesses.

If you're accused, it could lead to a lengthy and complex disciplinary procedure that threatens your education and career. Duffy Law is here to help you navigate this process and protect your rights.

Due process

Title IX, a federal civil rights statute, prohibits discrimination because of gender in any government-funded activity or educational program. It requires schools to establish systems to investigate sexual violence reports, interview alleged witnesses and victims, collect evidence, as well as impose sanctions on students accused.

It is important that a student accused of a Title IX offense understands their rights to due process during Title IX hearings and investigations. This includes being informed about allegations, having the opportunity to present evidence and witnesses for their defense, and having an impartial decision-maker determine responsibility.

The process can be unfair for accused students because schools have often conflicting interests. For example, they may want to avoid legal pushback by alleged victims, but also not be sued if they unnecessarily punish students. Our attorneys are able to help them prepare an effective defense in order to protect their rights.


Your Title IX Lawyer can help you gather, review and suggest witnesses before an appearance. She can also take notes and documents from your side. She can tell you to avoid contacting your accuser via email, text message or phone, as it could be considered retaliation.

Your lawyer can argue against the university's investigation or disciplinary procedures if they are unfair or biased. For example investigators are often school employees and can be influenced their employer's interests.

She can also argue that the standard of proof is higher in criminal cases than it is in Title IX investigations and proceedings. This includes a burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. She can also call into question the credibility or the accuser's account by pointing out inconsistencies.


When schools receive a report of sexual misconduct, they often begin a lengthy disciplinary process that involves investigation, hearings, and sanction boards. During the proceedings, investigators examine the evidence and members of a board determine whether Title IX is being violated.

Title IX defences rely heavily on witnesses. These individuals may be able to give first-hand accounts of events leading up the accusations and testify at your hearing. These individuals can also help prepare you for questions by alleged witnesses or board members.

A lawyer may also assist you in gathering physical evidence, including photographs and videos, email and text messages as well as medical records and any other documentation pertinent to the case. They can review any decision made by the adjudicators.


The law prohibits sexism and discrimination against women in schools, colleges or other educational programs funded by the federal government. It also mandates that universities and educational institutions have in place systems to investigate reports about sexual misconduct, question alleged perpetrators of the offense, and subject them disciplinary hearings.

These investigations and hearings can result in a variety of negative repercussions for accused students that may not be as severe as those related to criminal charges or a conviction. Nonetheless, these consequences can include suspension, expulsion and the loss of academic credits and scholarships.

If a university hires an investigator to investigate a Title IX complaint, the investigator may be biased against a student accused. A lawyer is able to help prepare an effective defense against unfair accusations and biased investigations.

New York

New York is a place where a diverse culture exists and people from all over the world come to visit and work. The city is famous for its food, entertainment and especially in Little Italy and Chinatown, where immigrants settled to create unique culinary experience.

It is also known for being one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Nevertheless, it has its charms and beauty.

Title IX violations in New York schools can cause harassment and harm to students and school employees. A Title IX defense lawyer with experience can help them navigate these cases and protect the rights of their clients. They can also help recover monetary compensation. They can assist them in seeking changes to the culture and policies of their institutions.

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