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Custom Printed Lanyards

Oct 28

Custom Printed Lanyards as Team Building and Employee Recognition Tools

In the bustling world of business, where teams are the backbone of success, nurturing a sense of unity and recognition among employees is paramount. Custom printed lanyards may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but they can play a surprisingly influential role in fostering teamwork and recognizing the efforts of your valuable staff. In this article, we'll dive into the world of lanyards and discover how they can become indispensable tools for enhancing teamwork and acknowledging your employees' hard work.

The Unseen Power of Custom Lanyards

Unlocking Team Unity

Picture this: your team members all sporting customised lanyard with your company's logo or a shared team motto. It's a subtle reminder of belonging and a shared mission. Custom lanyards create a sense of unity, forging a strong bond among your employees. They become a symbol of the team's identity and shared goals, fostering a collaborative spirit.

Facilitating Easy Identification

Branded Lanyards serve a practical purpose beyond aesthetics. They make it easy to identify team members in a crowded workspace or during company events. This simple visual cue can help employees feel more connected, as they know who their colleagues are, which is especially valuable in larger organizations.

Team Building with Lanyard Activities

Custom Lanyard Workshops

Imagine organizing a team-building workshop where employees create their customized lanyard. They get to choose colors, designs, and even add personal touches. This hands-on experience promotes creativity and collaboration, as team members help each other design their unique lanyards. It's a fun and memorable way to strengthen team bonds.

Lanyard Challenges

Turn team building into a game by organizing lanyard-related challenges. Teams can compete in tasks like creating the longest lanyard chain or designing the most innovative lanyard accessory. These challenges encourage communication, problem-solving, and a healthy sense of competition while making lanyards a central element of your team-building activities.


Custom printed lanyards are more than just ID holders. They are versatile tools that can be harnessed to strengthen teamwork and recognize employees' hard work. By fostering unity and creating opportunities for recognition, lanyards become a unique and cost-effective addition to your employee engagement strategy.