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IBC Tote Mixer is a Portable Mixing System

Mar 23

Most liquids stored in Digital Drive Modes IBC totes (intermediate bulk containers) require some sort of mixing or agitation due to the settling of heavier solids and particles to the bottom of the tank. Agricultural applications, like fertilizers and seed treatment, often require an IBC tote mixer to maintain product quality over time and re-suspend settled solids. EvenMix's IBC Tote Mixer is designed for this purpose with a detachable drive segment that can easily be switched between totes.

The IBC Tote Mixer is a portable mixing system that can be mounted on a standard 275-gallon Intermediate Bulk Container, or IBC (also known as a tote) tank. The mixer is connected to the tank via a bridge mount or smaller bung adaptor that sits at the top center of the tote's top surface. A forklift can be used to lift and lower the mixer onto the tank, or it can be rolled to the tote's location. Once positioned, the tote can be drained of its contents using the port at the bottom of the unit or a drain valve on the bridge mount.

Choosing the right IBC tote mixer type and size depends on what you are mixing, the liquid's viscosity, and desired results. White Mountain Process specialists can help determine construction, type, and size of mixer based on your application. We also offer a wide range of accessories, such as inline oilers and filing hoppers to accommodate your specific process needs.

EvenMix IBC Tote Mixers offer heavy-duty performance and the lowest weight on the market. They feature an all-steel body, powder-coated finish and a nylon fitting that can handle immense force. The motors are air or electric and can be switched off with a toggle switch located in the electrical junction box, providing safety from accidental startup and operation.

IBC tote mixers are ideal for use in a variety of environments and industries, including food processing, manufacturing, agriculture, and waste management. They are popular for storing and transporting liquids because of their rugged design, cubic shape, and integral shipping pallet base that makes them convenient for movement with a forklift. They can be sealed with a standard 2" plastic screw cap, or they can be fitted with a lid for security and safety.

IBC tote mixers can be adapted for dispensing by connecting PVC pipe, a high-quality garden hose, or a water pump to move the liquid to its point of use. This can include livestock watering in agriculture or industrial spray coatings in the manufacturing industry, such as epoxies, polyurethanes, and zinc-rich primers. The tote mixer can also be used for cleaning and sanitizing in manufacturing, or for making wine or home brewing.



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